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Fast House Clearance Services in Catford, South East London

We have a wide range of house clearance services to suit your needs, for unwanted, broken or unused furniture you want to throw away, this is ideal for landlords or estate agents.

Are you buying a new house? We can remove any old furniture. If you have a death in the family and you would like us to remove any clothing or furniture, we can also cater to this. We will recycle all of the belongings as much as we can, we will remove any gas bottle and dispose of them of the right place. We can de-clutter you home of unwanted clothes or furniture. The only thing we don't remove is fridges/freezers.


If you are buying a new sofa and want rid of the old one, we can remove these for you and dispose of it in the right way.

All house clearances are based on quotation; we can offer a free face to face quotation or we can do this over the phone. Sometimes customers don't know what’s in the property if a customer has passed away, we will meet up with the customer.

Being organised is the easiest way, choose a professional company to protect your valuables and de-clutter your home, dispose of anything you don't want and order your packing materials with us. Unplug or disconnect any electrical appliances and dismantle large wardrobes, we can offer this service also, please let us know and we can book it in for you. Please ensure you let us know the accessibility or if we need a parking permit to park outside your property.

Contact us today, in Catford, South East London, to arrange our house and property clearance services.

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