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Terms & Conditions

Customers are responsible to read All Day Removals & Storage Ltd terms and conditions.

As a customer, You contact All Day Removals & Storage Ltd for a quotation. When making a booking with us, you will be asked to pay a deposit which is Non-refundable.

Once you have paid your doposit, your balance will be automatically debited from you card.

When paying a deposit to All Day Removals & Storage Ltd you are giving permission to debit your account for the agreed amount.

Delays on the removal day: If there is a delay with your new property's keys or any other reason you will be liable to pay waiting charge of (£80.00 per hour) unless you have informed the office in writing email:

Our right to hold your goods. Lien: We have the rights to hold your good in-till you have paid the full balance. List of items: when booking your removal you will be asked to provide a full inventory.

If there is Extra items on the day of your removal, You need to pay the extra charge before the van leaves your previous property.

We are not responsible disconnect washing machines, disassemble any furnture. We are not responsible for any furniture that doesn't fit thorough the front door.

When accepting free packing materials from All Day Removals & Storage Ltd and then later cancel your removal you will be liable for the cost of the delivery & packing materials.

Damage's to your property or lost of belonging you will need to report to the office or the driver on the day of removal.

We advise you carry your own money, expensive jewellery, deeds, coins, watches and important paperwork.

We do not move furniture and boxes in or out of loft's. If you like to travel with the removal van, you will not be insured and travelling at your own choice.

You are responsible to empty your own fridge freezer are we are not liable for any lost & damaged food. Overfilled bags and boxes will result to damage which we are not liable.

It is the customer responsibility to have a parking permanent as this can result in customers paying for a parking ticket or a parking fine.
On delivery customer's are responsible to be present, if you are unable to be present we are not liable for loss or damage.

All storage units are fitted with CCTV camera.

Storage fees are paid in advance (4 weeks). Delays paying your Storage fee will result to a penalty of £15.00 per day.

You will not be able to enter our unit's, We also use third party storage units based in London.

You will need to let us know about any parking problem such as: Red route, Yellow line, Bus stops, Bus lane Private parking, You will be liable for a ticket or penalty charge. 

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